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‘PARIKH PARIVAR’ are pioneers in producing religio-cultural cassettes and CDs. Their cassette SMARANANJALIKA has received worldwide recognition, particularly from Vaishnavas. Mr. N. K. Parikh is an actuary by profession. He passionately feels that familiarity with these CDs is a minimum to understand our rich heritage and a must for anyone to call himself well-educated. In these CDs, science and religion with high quality music combine on their journey to the Ultimate... The theme of reverence for God, reverence for all living beings, reverence for all creation, animate and inanimate, and, above all, reverence for one’s own self pervades through... and the search for the Ultimate continues. In short, a careful perusal of the material presented in these CDs is bound to have a profound impact on one’s attitude towards life. Amen!
Author's Profile
Navnitlal Keshavlal Parikh (N. K. Parikh)
Date of Birth: 04 - 01 - 1930
Qualifications: M. Com., LL.B., A.I.A., F.A.S.I.
Profession: Consulting Actuary
Maritual Status: Married with 3 Children
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